The Story about the Group A Parts

In the mid 90th Lancia switched their focus from the World Rally Championship to the German Touring Car Championship. Then the main part of their Delta Group A Works Parts went to Astra Racing of Mauro Pregliasco. 

In 2009 the remains where bought from Delta Parts and made available through the webshop to all the Delta Enthusiast. The parts which are no longer available, for example the last spec Gearboxes R 90, are reproduced with the original Manufacturers.



The five Delta Parts investors are united by their passion for motorsports and their will to make a change in the situation of the Lancia Group A spare parts, which seems more than difficult. We understand ourselves as specialists for the grp. A rally version of the Lancia Delta Integrale and Evo. We can provide you with original Abarth Grp. A spare parts like the R 90 gearbox.

Peter Zima, Andrea Maselli, Alberto Mion and the brothers Frank, Nikolai and Stefan Burkart have taken up the task to return the existing Lancia competitive parts to its original use and to supply Lancisti with these parts.

About sixty tons of the finest competitive parts belong to Delta Parts since spring 2009. All our “finds” have been professionally reconditioned and catalogued. The Lancia fan community may now order through the Delta Parts web portal.  We all know – due to sufferable experiences – how difficult it is to acquire good material since there are nearly no parts available on the market and if you happen to find some, they are mostly of minor quality and really really expensive. Our goal is to change the situation.

In the future, there will also be vehicles that have been completely set up newly. At the moment, we are working on the Alex Fiorio’s Portugal Rallye factory vehicle from 1989. You will find further information under the subheadline “Rebuild vehicles”.

Actual Offer

New ABS Sensors

We found a few (new still it it original casing) ABS Sensors for the Integrale and the EVO. The price is € 290 + VAT.

To the spare parts

From here you come to the webshop, to the list of spare parts, to the tecnical drawings

TV Coverage of Delta Parts Car

click here to get to the Television report about the ex car of former German Champion Holzer.

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Many thanks to Tim Schrick and the team of SPORT1 TURBO- Das Automagazin No. 23

(sorry only in German, but great pictures)

Walter Röhrl Interview

picture: McKlein

At you will find a Interview with Walter Röhrl together with the Grp. A Integrale of Nikolai Burkart. Sorry only in German. But a great video!